Our goal is to provide the highest standard of services and products to our clients complying with all contractual and regulatory requirements in an efficient value added way.
We achieve this by:

  • Using an effective management system and standard processes which are communicated to and understood by all personnel
  • Determining and performing to or exceeding our clients' needs and requirements in accordance with our certification and regulatory standards including EN1090-1 and EN ISO 9001
  • Employing highly competent personnel in a transparent organisation with clear lines of responsibility
  • Providing our personnel with the necessary support, resources, equipment and training to safely deliver services according to their responsibilities
  • Setting clear and measurable goals for continuous improvement at all levels of the organisation
  • Continual review and improvement of our products, services and processes by senior management

Savvakis Savva
Frixos Metal Works Limited
1 June 2017