Our goal is to continually improve our working environment to create a work place which is free of work-related accidents, incidents and ill-health.
We achieve this by:

  • Complying with applicable legal requirements and other standards to which the Company subscribes that relate to Occupational Health & Safety;
  • Identifying hazards in the workplace, assessing the risk related to them and implementing the appropriate preventative and protective measures;
  • Providing and maintaining safe work equipment;
  • Establishing and enforcing safe methods of work;
  • Recruiting and appointing personnel who have the skills, abilities and competence commensurate with their role and level of responsibility;
  • Ensuring that tasks given to employees are within their skills, knowledge and ability to perform;
  • Ensuring that technical competence is maintained through the provision of refresher training as appropriate;
  • Promoting awareness of health and safety and of good practice through the effective communications of relevant information and ensuring persons within the organisation are made aware of their individual occupational health & safety responsibilities;
  • Identifying opportunities and needs for continual improvement of occupational health & safety performance and the prevention of injury and health;
  • Furnishing sufficient funds to meet these objectives;
  • Ensuring that health & safety will not be compromised for other objectives.

Savvakis Savva
June 2017